Adjustments (Promotional Transfers)

When a promotional adjustment or transfer is made in the Pure Charity platform an Opportunity record will be created in the Salesforce instance following the mapping bellow.


Label API Name Type Description
Pure Charity ID purecharity__Id__c Text(255) (External ID) (Unique Case Sensitive) Internal Pure Charity ID
Opportunity Name Name Text(120) A combination of Source Campaign (if provided), Amount, Destination Campaign, Type and Close Date separated by a dash (i.e.: "Some Fundraiser - 300.00 - Another Fundraiser - Promotional Transfer - 2017-02-03")
Primary Campaign Source Campaign Lookup(Campaign) Destination Campaign
Opportunity Record Type RecordType Record Type "Pure Charity Adjustment"
Amount Amount Currency(16, 2) Adjustment amount
Stage StageName Picklist "Closed Won"
Close Date CloseDate Date Adjustment date
Probability (%) Probability Percent(3, 0) "100%"
Description Description Long Text Area(32000) Adjustment description
Type Type Picklist "Promotional Adjustment" or "Promotional Transfer"
Transfer Source purecharity__TransferSource__c Lookup(Campaign) Source transfer campaign (if provided)
Donation Notes purecharity__Notes__c Long Text Area(32768) Field Partner notes