When a Sponsorship is created in the Pure Charity platform a Campaign will be created in the Salesforce instance as well following the mapping bellow.

Label API Name Type Description
Pure Charity ID purecharity__Id__c Text(255) (External ID) (Unique Case Sensitive) Internal Pure Charity ID
Name Name Text (80) A combination of Sponsorship Program Name, Sponsorship name and Sponsorship reference separated by dashes (i.e.: "Program - John Doe - SPOREF1234")
Sponsorship Name purecharity__SponsorshipName__c Text (255) Sponsorship name
Active IsActive Checkbox true
Type Type Picklist "Sponsorship"
Status Status Picklist "In Progress"
Expected Revenue ExpectedRevenue Currency(18, 0) Sponsorship funding goal
Parent Campaign Parent Lookup(Campaign) Sponsorship Program Campaign
Campaign Record Type RecordType Record Type Pure Charity Sponsorship (Pure_Charity_Sponsorship)
Region of Impact purecharity__Region__c Text(255) Sponsorship region of impact
Pure Charity URL purecharity__Url__c URL(255) Pure Charity's URL address to the Sponsorship
City/Country of Impact purecharity__Location__c Text(255) Sponsorship location of impact
Pure Charity Reference purecharity__Reference__c Text(255) Sponsorship Reference Code
Contact purecharity__Contact__r Lookup(Contact) Sponsorship Organizer Contact (Admin or Owner)
Organizer purecharity__Organizer__r Lookup(Account) Sponsorship Organizer Account (Admin or Owner)
Sponsorship Slots Available purecharity__SponsorshipSlotsAvailable__c Number(18, 0) Number of available slots
Sponsorship Slots Taken purecharity__SponsorshipSlotsTaken__c Number(18, 0) Number of taken slots