When a donation is made in the Pure Charity platform an Opportunity and a Campaign Member record will be created in the Salesforce instance following the mapping bellow.

Campaign Member

The Campaign Member record will only be created at the first donation from the user to the campaign. The Contact will always refer to a Pure Charity user, so if the donation was made by a Giving Circle then the organizer admin will be the Contact.

For recurring donations the purecharity__RecurringDonationStatus__c field is going to be updated whenever its status change in Pure Charity. So, if the donor pause/cancel/resume the recurring donation then the CampaignMember record will be updated to reflect the new status.

Label API Name Type Description
Status Status Picklist "Backer"
Contact Contact Lookup(Contact) Pure Charity User Contact
Campaign Campaign Lookup(Campaign) Pure Charity Campaign
Recurring Donation Status purecharity__RecurringDonationStatus__c Picklist Recurring donations current status ("active", "inactive", "cancelled" or "errored"). Empty for One time donations.


Label API Name Type Description
Pure Charity ID purecharity__Id__c Text(255) (External ID) (Unique Case Sensitive) Internal Pure Charity ID
Opportunity Name Name Text(120) A combination of Donor and Campaign name separated by a dash (i.e.: "John Doe - Some Fundraiser")
Primary Campaign Source Campaign Lookup(Campaign) Pure Charity Campaign
Account Name Account Lookup(Account) Donor Account
Primary Contact npsp__Primary_Contact__r Lookup(Contact) Donor Contact (Nonprofit Starter Pack)
Opportunity Record Type RecordType Record Type "Pure Charity Donation"
Amount Amount Currency(16, 2) Donation amount
Lead Source LeadSource Picklist "Fundraiser"
Stage StageName Picklist "Closed Won"
Close Date CloseDate Date Donation date
Probability (%) Probability Percent(3, 0) "100%"
Type Type Picklist "Recurring" for recurring donations; "One Time" for single donation; "Refund" for refunds.
Anonymous Donation purecharity__AnonymousDonation__c Checkbox true when donor decided to do not share his donation amount, email, and location with the fundraiser organizer
Donation Notes purecharity__Notes__c Long Text Area(32768) Notes added by donor in the checkout screen
Payment Method purecharity__PaymentMethod__c Text(255) Type of payment used for Donation ("credit card", "ach", "check", "stock")
Check Serial purecharity__CheckSerial__c Text(255) Check serial number if donation was made by check
Check Memo purecharity__CheckMemo__c Long Text Area(32768) Check memo notes if donation was made by check